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Sourcing Your Business

K Tech Source (KTS) offers wide range of Business Process Outsourcing services with the support of robust infrastructure, experienced manpower and latest technology. KTS focus is to help you focus on your core business and result in an increased revenue, competitive edge, and market share.

We act as a one stop solution for all your outsourcing needs. Our outsourcing services offer not only cost benefit but also enables the client to have an edge in the changing market condition ensuring faster business result and remain competitive. Some of our services include:

Inbound and Outbound Customer Care Services

Today, many companies are looking with increasing interest at relocating part or all of their global contact center activities to offshore markets, in order to benefit from cost savings through economies of scale or local competitive advantages.

As the availability of offshore alternatives increases, many companies have already found cross-boundary solutions and the associated cost benefits extremely successful.

K Tech Source has established outsourced contact center operations in Pakistan, offering full suite of contact center services in world-class facilities built out to the specifications of our centers in the US and Europe.

In addition, our professional services consulting practice is providing advice to major corporations on how to address the offshore opportunity within their contact center strategy. Although cost is a major driver for many companies considering an offshore alternative, it is K Tech Source's ability to evaluate and manage the many other critical factors which will determine the viability and ultimately the success of your offshore venture

Data Management Services

Data Entry

K Tech Source specializes in capturing and processing data from diverse input sources, such as scanned images, fax, Web forms, and e-mails. With support of technology our data entry staff members ensure excellent conversion accuracy and fast turnaround time. Our Quality Assurance methods includes techniques like double entry, look-up table search, logical checks, Field Validation, proofreading etc., which ensures 99.95% accuracy in all our deliverables.

Forms Processing

K Tech Source offers indexing service to capture critical information from structured or unstructured forms. KTS can capture the information quickly and accurately. We currently process thousands of form each day, including: Medical claims (HCFA, UB etc.), Invoices, Vital records, survey forms, Tax returns, Credit applications, Mortgage Applications, Warranty cards.

Travel Services

K Tech Source offers wide range of services in this diverse field including PNR servicing for air travel, hotels, car rentals and cruise reservations. These services include servicing both the corporate and leisure customers using modern Global Distribution Systems and custom web portals.

For questions about specific requirements, please contact us.

Tel: (602) 643-6191
Email: info@ktechsource.com
Business Processing Outsourcing

Our outsourcing methodology is built on a sound foundation, which enables the flexibility required to assimilate into divergent client environments with minimal disruption. Focus is given on seeking out qualified resources both from within and outside the firm. Through formalized workflows, employees execute plans that are documented, efficient and effective. Our outsourcing methodologies assure that all processes are planned, documented and implemented according to plan. Each process is scrutinized through K Tech Source's management review process assuring that quality is aligned with our organizational goals and standards. Upon approval, K Tech Source's designated personnel receive formalized training on the process.

KTS' outsourcing services are therefore not just fast but also meet high standards. This is only possible by maintaining very high level of quality control at our outsourced facilities. We constantly monitor the standards and policies the professionals at the facility work undertake, to make sure they keep pace with changing conditions.

This commitment to quality translates not only into timely and accurate work, but also into a value-added proactive approach to problem solving and at the same time saving our customers' thousands of dollars & other critical company resources. Hence, a source of immediate strategic competitive advantage!


Global diversity is affecting everyone in business. That's why K Tech Source offers a globally diverse staff, one that is prepared to meet the needs of our clients.


K Tech Source has based its reputation on being the most flexible and client responsive outsource provider. By understanding your business and with a staff drawn from a well-educated, globally diverse population, we provide more flexible problem solving and higher quality customer service. No matter how complicated a program becomes, K Tech Source can handle it, reflecting well on our clients and helping them build their brands. We become a virtual extension of our clients for customer care, acquisition, retention and satisfaction programs.


K Tech Source has immense experience in the Outsourcing Industry. With a strong management team, we offer a high level of expertise in managing customer care, customer acquisition, up sells, cross-sells, production of promotional marketing materials and third party verification activities. Our technical staff, with multiple years of call center experience, implements the most sophisticated technologies.

Process Specific Training

State-of-the-art in-house training facility takes care of training modules which covers:

"    Quality
"    Customer Service
"    Corporate Culture
"    Spoken and written English
"    Skill Enhancement
"    Development of Aptitude
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